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Bruxism or Teeth Grinding | Why do you do it?

A recent study published in the Australian Dental Journal (ADJ 2004; 49:2) reports investigations into the role of certain psychic traits in bruxers (people who grind their teeth).

Dentists are able to give advice and make appliances that slow down the amount of tooth loss from grinding.
In the past hard or gritty food meant teeth wore down and in primitive societies the inability to properly eat may have resulted in early death. Today we eat so many processed foods that doctors tell us we don’t have enough fibre for our health.

Excessive tooth wear through grinding can be a very complex and expensive thing to repair. While repair is possible it would be great to prevent this occurring. The study looked at the prevalence of mood and anxiety symptoms in bruxers and non-bruxers. The recent study found bruxers had a greater presence of the following:

  • Depression
  • Manic symptoms
  • Stress sensitivity
  • Anxious expectations
  • Reassurance sensitivity

If you brux seek dental help. If you experience any of the above symptoms seek help with these excellent web sites.
Beyond blue
Sane Australia

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